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09 Jan

We talk about how to test CCIE?

We talk about how to test CCIE? See a lot of people want to test CCIE, but read a lot of articles and found a lot of people on CCIE exam And other things not clear, there are even rumors, I want to talk about my views here. Believe

05 Jan

CCIE LAB exam latest exam explain

Remember not to taste the test before the test, eat the bad stomach the night before the test led to diarrhea that night 3 times the next morning diarrhea four times, or eat more ordinary food more reliable, cut into the topic:

04 Jan

CCIE exam rules you know how much?

Candidates must pay the full exam fee 28 days before the exam. At present, candidates can pay Beijing CCIE Laboratory Examinations by cash, wire transfer and check. Cisco reserves the right to adjust the CCIE exam fees.

02 Jan

What is the experience of working at Cisco Research and Development (CRDC)?

Found that there are a series of such problems found, specifically searched what others answer, the result was really asked why the recent popular "xxx is how to experience" such a problem - and sure enough ... ... is the graduation season to everyone to explore News yet? I think this issue, I feel really nothing special experience. Anyway, not only Cisco

02 Jan

How to quickly pass the CCIE exam?

CCIE full name Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. Since dare to say that expert should not be low level. (Of course, the MCSX also dare to say that is an expert Unfortunately, now more and more beginners a month or two to get, it has been pan-out) .Cisco exam has always been more rigorous (of course, now CCNA series, more like MCSX That, it is estimated to have flooded). The number of CCIEs is uncertain due to the fact that there may be a few people a day (world wide). In terms of basic growth

28 Dec

Basic troubleshooting

1, SW2 connect pc, vlan change points wrong, or vlan address wrong
2, SW1 or SW2 less vlan12, or did not allow vlan12 traffic through
3, SW2 on the mac binding error (shut, no shut effective), R7 and R8 clear ip dhcp binding
4, R7 and R8 client-id mac address binding error

25 Dec

Learn CCIE RS experience in SPOTO

That night, coinciding with the surprisingly sultry Beijing of 12, and the most lab-worthy achievements I have never been able to come across. For a long time I had been envisioning a carnival after victory. I was unprepared for failure and would not know what to do. Panic in the last minute, although the time can heal everything, but the process is always painful

22 Dec

CCIE RS v5.0 LAB Exam Study Guide

TS (Troubleshooting) troubleshooting time can be up to 2.5 hours, you can also early to end the module test, such as 1.5H done, you can directly choose to end the module test into the next module.
2) The diagnosis of DIAG (Diagnose) is fixed for 0.5 hours and can not be terminated early.
3) CFG (Configuration) configuration of the test time is the total duration of 8 hours deducted TS and DIAG time.

21 Dec

The most complete CCNA, CCNP, CCIE exam study guide

Cisco is the world's leading provider of network solutions. Cisco's name comes from San Francisco (San Francisco), where there is a world-famous Golden Gate Bridge. l Cisco is the manufacturer, is the founder of the IT network. Most network engineers to recruit positions require candidates have Cisco certification.

21 Dec

CCIE LAB test latest rs war report Detailed TS2-BT2 H3 DIAG H1 +

SW2, SW3, SW4 vlan information is not configured, you need to configure their own. R6 and R7 BGP has been configured well, the lack of router-id, remember to make up. R16 interface is not divided into vrf, R17, R18, R19 interface has been divided. R8, R9, R10, R11 are already configured with EBGP. R12, R13, R14 bgp has been configured, but the network is not equipped.

07 Dec

Linux system, the real advantages and learning methods

As a Linux enthusiast, in the Linux world can be considered a half-old driver, playing from the desktop to the server, from ubuntu to centos, from the computer to the router, a variety of fancy Linux games are slightly experience. The author is not a professional Linux player, I just Linux as a hobby and expertise, to my study and life add a lot of color.


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